Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day

A lovely month, fresh and new with promise of summer.

I had to do another May Basket theme type painting, I like the thought of such a thing. I think she is a bit overwhelmed by the size, but is dressed with fine things for the acceptance. I like her Jewelry, especially the brooch. I would wear it if I had one the same. It is amazing how one tiny part can be a favorite part, it has always been that way, even in landscapes some insignificant area is my favorite.

It is so windy and not a pleasant day for garden, I will do that tho and I will clean up a huge mess in the art room where I have been painting, there are many things laying about and also cleaning and putting some of it away. At some point one needs to quit doing and get some tidyness. Both areas have tossed art things, the sewing and the painting.

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Star said...

This is really nice, Emelie! I like the face on her for sure and love the May Day Basket!
We left a miniature rose at the door of our hairdressers shop! She wasn't open yet, so she found it when she got there...she was excited. We did it because she had really never heard of May Day baskets!! When I was young, we'd go find arbutus, make little cones and run all over our neighborhood leaving them on doors. It was fun.
Yes, way too windy here to be out in the yard, too many things flying about! By time it calms down it's too late to be out there or I no longer feel like it.