Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Women of Importance

I think of my grandmother often, I stayed with her a lot when I was a child. I learned a lot of things from her and she gave me chores that helped you learn things even when you didn't know you were. Worked very hard all her life and was as trim as in her youth. At age 90 she stated that she just didn't feel like she use to.
I can't remember if anyone asked if that "Use To" was a year ago or a long time ago.
I understand what she meant now tho, as sometimes I don't feel quite like I use to either, for the most part I do, but not always. I can be annoyed easily, and that was not from my grandmother, that was from my mother. I also like that the child photo of her and a much later photo have that same tilt to the head and smile.

Ihave an aunt that is also an inspiration to life, I remember the day she was taken to the hospital and dianosed with polio, and it was not that exact day she was dianosed. The family was in horrible upset, fear, anger, sadness was everywhere.
She was gone for months to recover and lost her ability to walk without aid of
crutch like help. Yet, she had two more children, worked hard, gardened, drove,
kept a welcoming home, and does yet to this day. She is my mother's sister.
I love this photo of her as a child.


wanda miller said...

oh what another beautiful post by emelie. memories that are treasured by you, are also treasured by the ones you have just shared with. you are such a beautiful special human being. thank you, emelie.

Diane said...

Great story, Emelie--it's so great to honor your familiy's memories this way.

Judy said...

Wanda expressed my thoughts just perfectly!


Laura said...

Lovely stories Emelie. It is nice that you have these women in your life that you admire and have influenced you positively.

I like your mother's painting...I can see where you get your talent!

Star said...

A nice picture you put together and nice words of memories and influence!