Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shadows, a day of thoughts, unsettled

After having guests be it family or other folks and I have tidied up and gotten things back to my normal at least the physical normal, then you have to take time to get back to the emotional normal which is more difficult. One thoughts ramble this way and that and your inner self has not settled.

I painted this in effort to settle, I knew that physical work such as gardening might settle me more, I was not quite ready to look at what had to be done in the garden, yet unsettled because I knew there weren't many days before the cold and rain would come again. It has been miserable cold, snow, frozen bird bath that sort of thing, not to mention frozen plants. I tackled gardening yesterday, and yes it is miserable cold today.

The background says unsettled yet hard to tell as I must feel that way a lot. I had the painting sitting up and shadows from a water glass fell across the bottom I liked how that looked so stenciled some in. This work is also putting effort into not having wide, long eyes but rounder eyes, my thought is it may change how some of my faces look.


Diane said...

Wow, Emelie Look how beautiful this is!! And look at that hair--remember how you didn't like doing hair? It looks like it's blowing in the breeze-great job!

Star said...

Well, for being unsettled, you sure did a great painting! I love her face....and yes it did take on a little different look from your usual faces! She's pretty and great hair, too.

All this nasty cold snoy freezing weather is the pitts! The heavy snow broke some beebalm that was tall enough and flattened other things, then the hard frost 2 nights in row following the snow, all but killed my best Hosta and the bleeding heart that was blooming! t even got some ferns and that's unusual. But, they're all up too early and is the price they pay. Couple more days of this cold and they say this week end will hit 70! I hope so! The weeds can grow but I need some deck time!!!

Hope you get settled and back to routine soon!

Star said...

Forgot to say, as I was writing the first comment my attention was looking out the windows....today a pair of Bluebirds are choosing a house! Now I know it's Spring! We cleaned out the house from last Summer but now it looks like she's choosing the Prim House on the opposite side of the yard. It didn't get clened out and it might have some debris from Mr.Buddy Wren in it.
I've been listening and watching every day but Mr. Buddy hasn't arrived yet. Hope nothing happened to him. He sure was a busy little ladies man!