Friday, December 17, 2010

Angel Silence

She is painted on a paper bag, I like that because I can iron the painting if I need to. Of course I can't get to my iron right now, someone would go get it if I asked.

The thing that is most exciting about this painting is it is not over busy, it is just an angel painting tht measures 9X6. I made some cards and I did do some digital work with the scan, but the original is just plain and it gives me pleasure just that way. Please note, not a bird or a flower. I realy love all those things in the paintings, but I have to work so hard not to have them, that is why I seem to be going on a bit.

Do you know how much I miss going out with the camera? I better go do some exercise and see if I can get stronger.


Nelda said...

This is really lovely, Emelie.

Diane said...

She's perfect the way she is--you're working magic with these paper bags.

Jacqueline said...

So lovely Emelie!!! I just love your paintings!

wanda miller said...

Paper bag paintings suit me wonderfully so, after seeing these!!! you are so funny, i wish i could run over and bring you the iron and anything else you needed! she B E A U T I F U L...every darn tootin' thing about her, in all her simplicity!! xoxo