Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jouarnals Continue

In fact I work on them all the time, and they are very small narrow pages in this journal, they measure 3X7. The days go so fast, I have to take time out to exercise and infact I still have 3 more to do tonight. It is not easy as some of them cause stretching pain in my leg. I realize I talk about this a lot, but I can't drive, I barely do steps, and have only been out to dinner once plus therapy. My range is short or maybe it feels like a short leash. However not bored, have books, art to do, phone, computer, can do some cooking, some cleaning, and for the most part there haven't been that many nice days since I came home and we are due for ice, rain, and snow mix for the next 3 days.

I visit your blogs, admire beautiful things, feel inspired and sometimes write to you. Tomorrow I will tackle 12 steps and maybe get to sew in my studio for a while,
I hope, I want to be in there.

These pages are mostly about about my denial that everything happens for a reason.
Does it really, she said.


wanda miller said...

you are being so doggone positive...this has been a long haul for you, emelie. but you sound so determined all the way around...keep it up.
these pieces are so beautiful and my fav is the one with trees! xo

Diane said...

And, yes I do believe that ALL things happen for a reason--it takes a while to figure out why, but eventually you do.

Zorana said...

I like your forest ladies and the message they bring. I'm glad that my art brought you some comfort today. You are getting stronger every day, that's why you are impatient. I wish you a very happy New Year, lots of health and creative adventures! xo