Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Journal Pages

I have this book I staple pages into, it is a large journal and really if one wrote and filled those pages with writing it would be a novel, so paintings I may not like much go into that book along with some writing of the day, I just staple the painting to the original page in the journal. It is where I write things I wouldn't post and it is around the art not on the art. We have times in our days where we say and think things that we wish we didn't and it really does help to write them, they are deminished a bit with the writing. Just like anxiety is less with some exercise or a brisk walk.

Besides with the scattered composition of this 5X7 art it is best a journal page, it is also done on a piece of brown paper bag, it just developed with some scattered thoughts and using scraps on the table. This is the original and the altered version of scattered thoughts.

One other scattered thought, very frustrating, I see more things that need to be cleaned or tidied when I can't do them, I don't notice nearly as much when fully able.


Sharon said...

Hello Emelie, I always enjoy reading your thoughts and the way you say them. Your big book sounds great and reminds me that I have such a big book that I could use for that purpose.
I really like this ones face a lot.
Oh and one more thing, since I am fully able, I really don't see the dust that I know is there from months of accumulation.

Rebecca Anthony said...

I agree with Sharon, your thoughts are always so interesting to me. I love the words that come out! Beautiful work and great idea!

Diane said...

Gee, I don't feel bad after reading about everyone else's dust bunnies--as a matter of fact, I feel right at home! I have been cleaning a little today--my art room. I keep finding stuff that I completely forgot about and I just get lost in it--the whole day has gone by now, and I still need to clean this house :)
I always love looking at the close-ups of your art to see all the details--it's always very unique.

Star said...

Hi Em! I decided today was the day I'd start getting back to catching up on blogs and the art world. How I managed to lose my way for so long is beyond me! But I can say my thoughts were with everyone!

So you're the 2nd blog I pulled up and now I sit here in shock and feeling so darn bad because I didn't know you fallen and broke your leg!! What a terrible thing to happen. I am so glad you are back home and your daughter is helping to make a studio room for you!! I do hope you'll be up and running soon. It didn't appear to stop you from churning out the art pieces......and I, too, always like your thoughts!!
Dust? Isn't it used to protect the wood and furniture? And you can use your finger to make pretty designs in it, too!!
Many Hugs.....

Star said...
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