Friday, December 17, 2010

Journal Enjoyment

This will be the second time I did this post, this morning I saw that the post of last evening was rather messed up with 6 places to reply, I don't know why if it is computer error or human error or just messing around. We will see today how this goes.

This journal page is rather messy, I was feeling sort of low when doing it, feeling like I didn't have all my resources available to me feeling sorry for myself, feeling limited. That is what journals are for to get rid of these feelings. Sometimes I get a pretty composition, sometimes rather congested art developes, there is a feeling I have about journals, I think every page has to be pleasing, a book of pretties, that is the emotional thought, the intellectual thought is no it is a journal of thoughts and feelings and that is not always pretty. Of course there is the original page and the altered page, I do like the original best.


Gloria said...

All your pages/work are only the best Emelie. Be happy knowing that your healing slowly but surely. Last night I had the worst piercing thigh cramps one can get. I get really piercing hot needle like pains and hadn't gotten them for a couple of months, now last night. They last for minutes. My husband said to make an appt. too see the doctor about getting a PAD test. Now that brought me down and I still feel down but after seeing your work I am feeling better. I'll probably feel better once I find out what is wrong with me. Let's enjoy life because it's all we have. Take care and if I don't get back to you, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Rebecca Anthony said...

What you feel is messy I see as beautiful! I love your journal expressions, thanks for sharing(O: