Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Broken Leg Art

So, here I am again, home, femur heling I hope up near the hip joint. Walking slowly, I have a rod in my leg. But I can get around and with some therapy that will start soon I should be back to some speed as the winter goes along. I can't beleive this happened 16 days ago. I have had great care, good help, all one needs to mend.

I had a small amount of art supplies with me at Willow Ridge where I did some recovery till I proved I could be alone. It isn't that I grabbed some supplies as the first responders were loading me on a stretcher. I didn't dare grab any as I was saying horrible things that were pain induced, one hardly dares asks then for favors.

I decided I would work on small things at the care center and they would be for a small journal I had made, and it turned into a journal about fear, healing, recovery, and the thought process that goes along with such trauma. They are not done really well, they are what they are, they are a bout giving me comfort and distraction as I was not moving well, sleeping well, or doing anything very well at all. Isn't that funny, the journal is about wellness. Wellness of spirit along with bones, the bones won't mend well without the spirit.

Thank you for coming by, I got your messages from my daughter, I am rather amused, when one falls and breaks a major bone. the first thought or second thought or even 20th thought should not be....I will miss my blogging friends they have to know I stepped into the pit. Your messages cheered me a great deal, gave me strength to crawl from the pit.

For some days to come you will see pages from this small 4X5 journal made from manilla paper that I took with me, I used crayons and colored pencils, not paint at all. I had some glue. I made the custodians crazy with snippets of paper all over all the time.


Theresa said...

Emelie! So sorry to hear of your accident! Wishing you a speedy recovery and am amazed at your art always...!

Gloria said...

Oh my goodness Emelie! I didn't know. I'm so sorry for your pain. How awful! I wish you a very speedy recovery and honestly I am so very sorry. Please heal well. Despite everything, your art is beautiful and does reveal fear/pain. Take care.

Laura said...

HA!! I just knew you would be playing art!! Good on you Emelie. Now you just do what those nice therapists say and make sure to do your homework they give that is important too. I'm glad you are back in "one" piece safe at home with your familiar things and on the road to recovery. Wonderful that you were arting about wellness, by the by. Here's wishing you less pain, itching ( you know that's coming!) and more art, good spirits, and constant speedy recovery!

Jeanne Nelson said...

Welcome Home, Emelie!!! I'm so glad to see you've progressed enough to be home alone ~~ that's BIG STUFF! My goodness, I've missed you, your wonderful spirit, and your art, and am THRILLED to see that you had some art supplies to work with while you were away, ;), if only limited ones. I wish you well with a very speedy recovery and some very inspired healing art in the process. You are in my heart and prayers, lady. One are one of my favorite blogging buddies! I'm sending blessings of healing and peace your way! Hugs ~~Jeanne

Rebecca Anthony said...

These are all so beautiful! I am so sorry to hear that you have hurt yourself)O: I wish you a very quick recovery! Don't worry, by the spring when flowers are in bloom you will be out and about in your garden again!