Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Wish I Was Sleeping

Well I am not, it is 1:45am and I feel quite awake, quite tired after a therapy session late yesterday afternoon and then to bed too early, how do you fight sleep, I just give in. So I am up journaling tracking progress, thnking, drinking water, coffee, and diet coke. It should just be the water for health and the time of night.
Building strength in a leg is no small task, and how fast it is gone after an injury is alarming. You can lose up to 30% in a couple days just being in bed recovering, no wonder one has to walk back from the operating table (not quite) to their room.

Is this week odd for you? Does it feel like a time of not really knowing what to do, a little early to take down decorations, projects seem on hold till after the new Year begins, things seems a little stale. All my life it has seemed this way to me right after Christmas. This year a little different, a broken leg changes a lot of things. Still I have that feeling of limbo and really glad for journaling pages.
Just a few words each day that speak to me about the feelings of the day, days before, and days to come. It doesn't have to be a lot. In face the small journal that I work in these days I can can several pages in one day. It is a book of talls
and I have notposted any of the work yet. I hope I can get some of the work with the scanner it is difficult with a small book that has those wires for binding.


Diane said...

You're creating such beautiful art Emelie! (I love your Christmas Eve angel)
I bought a journal with very good intentions of actually filling it up--you are helping alot with your blog posts.
And yes, I know what you mean about the week after Christmas--for me it takes so long to do everything and then I just want to hurry and put it all away--it's a weird time.

wanda miller said...

these are so sweet and wonderful..i'm glad you have something to distract you from drudgery..not moving around where you'd really like to be!
i am taking stephanie lee's class on journaling, soon to come. if you've ever seen or followed her writings, you see the pull to WRITE WITHIN. she has made a MOST GENEROUS offer for those that had posted about the classes offered. no one wanted them for themselves, but for others...imagine! so she is doing her class for nothing, (if you had posted at the time) BEAUTIFUL woman she is! such as a few others i know :). xo