Thursday, December 9, 2010

Healing with Art

Yes, I have always believed it, inner and outer wounds heal. The touching of materials can bring comfort, those who love fibers find great comfort in the handeling of beautiful fabrics, yarns, wool, beads, and putting things together in a form that pleases the creator is a step in feeling more whole as a person. Yesterday
my daughter helped me creat a small studio upstairs, we did some sorting and tossing and she did a lot of trips up and down the stairs. I hope she believes I found great comfort in the sorting and organizing this small studio. It is a comfort to know it is there. It is a comfort to know we made some small journals out of various papers that can be filled with whatever passes over my mind.

I missed all the bloggers while gone, but what a grand gift it has been to take time and look at all the entries I had missed, it is like a grand fair,I am taking my time
and hope to get some more visited today. I am savoring it a bit, taking time to look and read what you have to say. I feel really fortuntae to have this in my days right now that don't have a huge variety of things going on. Thanks and many thanks that I have these visits and visual stimulus in the day.

Todays face was done on a paper bag with a bit of napkin, watercolor crayon and watercolor pencils. It is only 4X4. The texture of the brown paper seems to grab the color off the crayons. I did this at 4am listening to the sounds of workers and patients as the stirrings of the day began. It had been a stormy night and workers were recovering from the frights that go along with icy snow covered roads.
The sounds of people all needing something in these early hours, all differnt, feeling the need for assurance that we need in each day. Thinking of assurance, having enough, enough to share and give and keep. That is a lot, however the more you give or share the more you have, remarkable.


wanda miller said...

oh emelie, i am so glad you are back, sooo glad. and ever so happy that you are further along in recovery. and let your daughter know how GRATEFUL we ALL are that she helped you with some of your makings...i have been in this situation before and know what this means, all the way around. thank you for your beautiful beautiful retorts (i take YOURS to heart so completely)!
your work here is wonderful and it looks like golden glitter the way the fabric leaves shine. i am ever so glad to hear from you. will you send me your address, so that i will never lose touch with you...i wanted to send you something earlier on after your xoxo

Sam said...

A beautiful piece of work, the piece of music paper on the dress is lovely.It sounds like you have had a rough time but good to hear you are recovering now.

Rebecca Anthony said...

I love that you have been sorting through your studio and making journals. It's music to my ears to know you are up and about! I hope you are feeling a bit better each day and that you continue to create such beautiful art. I enjoy your work more than you know!

Diane said...

Emelie, this makes me so happy for you--and look what you can do with whatever you have around--art!!
P.S. Aren't daughters wonderful to have around!!

Zorana said...

What a darling painting! I can't believe it's only 4x4... So small. I hope that you are feeling better and better every day. It's good that art brings you joy because it will make the time go faster on your journey to recovery.