Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Journaled a Bit

I am not hugely pleased with my progress in recovery, if course it is Ok I am just wanting to get to the cane and therapist think it is about 2 weeks away. That time will go fast but I want a guarantee of day and time. How silly is that? So I did a journal page, used an angel from an old woodworking book, and spoke to myself about how I felt on this particular day.

Wishing you blessings of the kind you need at this time, whatever holiday you have and look forward to celebrating I hope for you the best.


wanda miller said...

...aahh, as they say emelie, art heals. i hope it IS helping to pass the time. i have been layed up in my lifetime too and it stinks. you find out what your made of, eh? i started writing funny things to try and make myself did work in the way of seeming ridiculous, but thought i might die of boredom.
here's hoping you start speeding up and getting to that cane!!!
geeze, you even made applesauce are one determined gal!!! but i already knew that. i'm puttin' ya' on my speedy prayer list! love to you. xo

Diane said...

Wanda's right--these 2 weeks will fly by--you can start making a list of what you want to do once you're walking with a cane....just don't overdo it. And then when you're walking with your cane, you can start making a list of what you can do when you don't need it anymore. Okay, I'm rambling--I need to do everything on my "list" before tomorrow. Enjoy your Holiday!!

Rebecca Anthony said...

Thinking of you Emelie for a quick recovery! Happy Holiday's to you(O: Thank you for all your inspiration this year, I'm so glad I met you through blogland. Your work lifts me up every time I see it!

Nelda Ream said...

What a nice journal page, Emelie! Aren't you glad you can journal your feelings like this? I'm saying prayers for your speedy recovery.

Jacqueline said...

Hi Emely, I'm wishing you a good recovery, just don't overdo it, do it slowly and things will turn out fine. I understand you want more than you can right now. I enjoy youre journaling, it is so beautiful, I always love the combination of the colours you use.
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog and I want to wish you and your family a warm and happy christmas!

Zorana said...

I was lucky to be able to help my Mom through her recovery, so I think I know how you feel. Not fun... but the time will pass and you will become stronger and well all celebrate when you start walking again. I'm glad that you have art to keep you company.