Saturday, November 21, 2009

Can you find the woman?

Of course you can, a month ago Sharon Tomlinson gave bloggers a challenge to carelessly paint a background and find things in the painting, it was a good exercise as it made your imagination

work, and it gave one a chance to paint freely. I talked about Sharon in my profile and her influence.

Often when there is paint left on my painting plate, I just use it up doing a background. It makes me feel bad to find a dried up paint plate with wasted paint. I put the paint on the paper with a painting knife which explains the texture. Often ones finds nothing and that is because we have thee ideas of what we would like to find. I wanted to find a womans face and one that would take up a lot of the space. It sat there while I worked on something else. Then I saw this tiny head,

and a great dress. Well I didn't really see a face I saw a head. I saw something on the head.

The dress made it look windy and it seemed night on the painting. I drew in the face with ink,

and I drew the hand. The bright colors on the bottom I just drew flowers in with colored pencil.

The colors were there.

This is painted on brown paper, when I scanned the painting I used a piece of scanned fabric behind it. When I prepare it on the computer in photo program I bring the fabric scan up first

then lighten the tint and change the color, then add the painting and blur the edges. Add a border.

This is how I would use it for a card.

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Dragon said...

That's gorgeous!

I've always wanted to be a painter. I'm 100% NOT artistically-inclined, but it's something I've just always felt drawn to. (So to speak.) So I took an art class and realized that it *really* wasn't for me :) But my hat's off to people who can actually do it and produce something beautiful like that. Yay you!