Friday, November 20, 2009

Grieving a pet loss

During the summer we lost a cat in a heartbreaking way, to a tumor in the brain. Lodi was a stray that wandered in and I really liked him. At the time I didn't want a cat, but he was such a personality.
Frequently I do art about what is bothering me, This is done with acrylics from the bottle, with magazine cut outs. I also use gesso mixed with the acrylics, Stamping and colored pencil was also used in this mixed media. It is titled "Our Pets Ourselves". The person was done with acrylic.
Stamps don't work well on rough watercolor paper, I stamp on tissue then adhear them to the work.

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tyranna said...

congratulations, Emelie!! I love this one about pet loss, very touching... and the header that you drew from paint, absolutley stunning!! I can't wait to see more..