Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

No matter how many tools one has it doesn't always improve ones skills that has to come after the tools. I learn in life that even having skills they are not fine tuned enough. I lived in an era where a knob fine tuned things, now you have to answer to a window. The window is always vague in my process of the fine tuning. But what would life be if we didn't have to work on the various parts of it all the time. I say this because some of my paintings are made for cards, and I don't like how they look posted other places, even if they look fine on the card.

However I am going to post this painting anyway as back in Sept. I had a thanksgiving feeling.

The crows were eating some seeds from disgarded spoiled squash. Inspiration from a rotted squash is digging deep.

Sharon Tomlinson taught me that painting people doesn't mean it really has to be a realistic
looking person to get a message into a piece of art. You would think I knew that, I did but she made it more real for me as an artist.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,

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Anonymous said...

Em, I so enjoy seeing all your artistic work. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us....... Sharon(from Sprouts)