Sunday, November 22, 2009

More finding things

Because painting faces is new to me, I find doing a profile difficult, and not liking them so much,

Chins get jutted out, noses get shaped oddly. And this chin has that sort of problem, also my profiles tend to all look like they are related people. The reason I am showing this is because I like the found things later in the painting. It is watercolor , acrylic, and colored pencil.

If you do painting or are painting with children it would be fun for them to paint a piece of paper with splotchy colors and set it up for a while and look for things. Paints and paper are very thrilling for children. When I visited families in my profession I carried art supplies, doing these things around a table brought family members close for this time together and talking, sharing ideas and enjoying one another.

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Sharon said...

Big Huge Congratulations for starting your blog. Makes me happy because now I get to see all your art projects. Love this one. Profiles are a hit or miss for me. I think they are hard.