Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Making Something Out of Nothing

I say this something out of nothing because it was, first it was a heap of old fabric on the floor I saw at an upholstery shop and I asked if they needed it and of course they didn't and were glad to get rid of it. It had good parts that hadn't been in the sun or had wear. It looked like two different pieces of fabric. It did lay around my home for a while also and then I saved the goodparts and started to construct a small quilt 18X18 I even used some of the things I had saved that seemed like my best things. It didn't appeal to me even after hand stitching, and having really good saved items added, it got put in the bottom of a basket so I didn't have to see it.

I hope that some day I would find it and feel good about it. I found it a lot of times, I never felt good about it. Then a month ago I felt I had more knowledge, researched art quilts, read magazines, saw that some tatterings, added items, getting some blue into a piece made things look better. What is there to lose, it could get better or worse and go back in the bottom of the basket.

When I started the first time I had been thinking about seasons a lot, it was fall and for two months Oct. and Nov. I love orange. I continued added blue, used chalk ink on some of the parts that glared too white, did some stamping added a narrow ribbon/yarn. Felt it was OK.

I wanted to finish it so when I speak to others such as a quilt show, I can explain about sometimes we just have to keep going and not give up. Beginnings in art work often can look

like it will never turn out, beginnings in mixed media certainly can look that way. A little gloom settles over your work space you feel an inner being withdraw and your outer being wants to run. I kept thinking, I didn't make 100 french knots for nothing I better fix this up. You can't even have mashed potatoes if you toss them out when they are only boiled.
If this appears and it does somewhat disjointed I scanned it in three parts.

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