Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yesterdays post continued

I left out some details and may again, The original face was on fabric, then scanned into the computer, the next tep was to arrange the face with additions explained in previous post on fabric transfer paper. This fabric peels off and is real fabric not the rubbery type used on Tshirts sometimes. The sheets remove easily and I press them with a cloth over the top to

heat set the images. I will use the original and my transfer paper in the quilt. These items will be sewn onto a piece of store bought quilted fabric, I sew this on the WRONG side so my back of quilt is fabric and not that gauze type side. (purchased at Walmart by the yard this quilted cream colored fabric.)

Today the photo shows other additions that I may use especially the large green floral and leaves and I have to work maroon, and aqua into this even if it is just bits. That could be other fabric, it could be stencil. There may be a bit of the knotty yard shown. It also needs a bit of white.

My face was painted with a tool taught by Sharon, it is a sponge brush with the sponge taken off so it becomes more like a palette knife. Today you see the original painting, yesterday I showed the scanned and altered images from that painting.

I hope to show more of this as it progresses, I am having a bit of trouble adjusting to my

camera, not the camera so much as the uploading. I hope to have that resolved today also.
Today you have to click twice on image to see larger.

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