Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Garden Thoughts

Doing tomorrows post tonight, too much going on tomorrow, I don't even have all the things to cook for Thanksgiving.

Great friends are coming tomorrow to finish up a final thing so we have DSL and not dial up.

Also help me get started with digital camera. I drag my feet as learning how to use things takes me some time. Once I get it I don't forget, but I said this before I make things harder than they are. Once in a while things are more complicated , and I seem to remember those times best.

So this fixit and make it better week continues.

I was thinking about gardening and how it helps stress. It is physical, sometimes mindless, and one feels sort of free in body and spirit after some rigerous gardening. I did go and garden even in late Nov. I pulled grasses out of the daylilys this afternoon. A good time, then I won't disturb new growth in the spring.

This is my garden, this summer past, and last fall, not this fall. It has been a warm Nov.

Pretty much the same view.

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Sharon said...

That is really pretty amazing the contrast of the seasons you have. Not so here in Texas. My weeds look pretty much the same all year.
Great news you getting dsl.
Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy family and friends.