Monday, November 23, 2009

A Quilt Today

Thank you for coming buy to visit, Kris, Ro, Jean and Nora. So much appreciated.

It has been a day of problem solving, satellite radio, (bad Antennea) Trying to find out why

our dial up is such a slow speed. (Phone Co person has not come out) Selecting a digital camera I can understand. I still have the soft ware to install for that. so more problems tomorrow. I hate doing things that make me feel inadaquate. When you get older you have to work harder to

speak with some knowledge and vocabulary so people don't think your failing. You can't use words like Doo Dad, Thing Ama Jig, or gizmo in electronic stores. The clerk can say thingy but I can't. I always hear Forest Gump're not a smart woman. I know he didn't say that exactly but, I hear that

No painting today and just a tiny bit of sewing and some decisionmaking about a quilt. This is a quilt I made two weeks ago, a painted face on a gauze fabric, a lot of sheer curtain used also as I recycle fabrics. This sheerness explains the side of her face you do not see as well. I used 8 different fabrics and zig zaged them all even the binding. I cannot work on something for long as I get sick of it, and may not finish. Tomorrow I will show a quilt that sat for 3 years in an ugly state of not knowing what to do with it. It took me a day to get it in some sort of presentable shape. I played around with art quilting years ago. didn't quite understand the freedom of doing whatever you please if it pleases you.

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Sharon said...

You are too funny! Love the art quilt. Can't wait to see the next one.