Monday, November 30, 2009

That kind of day

I like November sorry it is gone, I love summer but I don't like to paint summer, For all the green I use in paintings you would think I would like to paint summer. I like to paint dreary landscapes, I like a lonesome feeling or message that comes from dreary days. I think they are quite beautiful and it is a challenge to hunt for color.

In mixed media I like brighter more surprises of spots that might not be considered a coordination of colors.

This painting is today, I drive by this house frequently and it has a regular road signs that say Rustic Road. this is how I see this location and look at it carefully each time I approach.

It is watercolor and salt us used in wet paint to absorb the color and leave those tiny spots.

Not very wet paint, the water and color have to loose their shine then sprinkle the salt.
No time to quilt today, I do have it ready to sew, My favorite day to Christmas shop is the Monday after Thanksgiving, no one is out and about.

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