Friday, November 27, 2009

Collage Of Bits

This is a collage of houses , houses from past watercolors and a house, the green one in acrylic.

The paintings had gotten ho hum, once what I thought was good now isn't good enough. I am thankful the acceptance of my work that has been growing and still not always satisfied.

Since a child doing art work was the most exciting thing. I was provided with these things as a child, but always the insturction, take care of those things now. Taking care of meant they shouldn't look used to me. Silly.

Anyway, on with this, I cut out the houses, I wrapped a piece of cardboard with newspaper, painted and stenciled it. Arranged the paintings, and did some stamping. My favorite part is

how the birch trees in one of the paintings has the same feel as the stencil. They seem to compliment one another to me. The flowers were also a watercolor painted on very rough

waffle textured paper.

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