Saturday, November 20, 2010

All The Wrong Bits

Ihave this pile of bits on a tray, torn paper, bits of napkin, birds, alphabet, stamped tissue, magazine clippings, I like things from home decorating magazines,
The bits get messy, they float to the floor and mix with other bits, books, music sheets, torn book pages and it gets really jumbled. When I sweep this up I pick out the good bits and they go back on the tray.

My work area is horrible right now, but yesterday I saw that there was a piece of brown paper bag with a background, and I sat down to do a small face, only 1 1/2 inches, I also thought just keep going and use off the floor and the bits laying on the table, I had to iron some of it. I really like collage, I really like layering.
By evening this work was really awful, I was rather irritated. This morning I went down to clean up the whole mess, but sat down and started adding things again.
Guess What? I am now going to frame this. The piece measures 12X7. And anothr problem is I have no frame to fit this, so I have to cover a piece of cardboard with newspaper, paint the paper with thin wash and do a bit of stamping with black to make it work. I have tidy up first so I have a place to do this. Then all this stuff laying around here and there has to find it's place.


Sharon said...

Emelie, I like this too. You are so great with collage.

Zorana said...

I love that you continued adding to the piece this morning. It definitely transformed from the "ugly phase" into a beautiful painting. I too have bits and pieces all over and use them often, but somehow they seem to multiply. I hope you show us the framed painting.

wanda miller said...

and i love that you are keeping it and i love this type of measurement! and it turned out VUNDERFUL VUNDERFUL...the greens the collage, this is a stupendous one, em. thanks for showing all the stages and i know what a mess this makes...but doesn't stop us does it? xo