Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Serious Inspiration

Since I started mixing mediums of paint, papers, pens, crayone, pencils, photos, the inspiration has stayed high, due to a lot of art sites to visit and various ways of applying the mix. One never tires of the variety. I have always painted angels since the beginning. I had not painted on cardboard with parts torn off to reveal the washboard look or the look of plaster that had fallen off a wall, Mystele inspired a try on that surface and I liked the look. becaue I like painting angels Diane inspired me that way with an angel posted in her blog.
You may know this Misty Mawn has been to Italy and taught a class and visits to her site gave me more inspiration, the feeling were beginning to build. More inspiration came when visiting All Nora's Art as she had gone to Italy also to take part in this class. So I tried to put all this inspiration together, with some decorative sheets I created on the computer with fabric and found things, all paper, pens, pencils paint, napkins, and the mix used in mixed media.

Also I wanted to work in tranparency, and I found using an emery board works well for that on painted surfaces, and of course napkins work well. The emery board or you could use sandpaper takes away some of the edges and shows the work underneath.

Ok enough talking and a little showing.


Jeanne Nelson said...

Beautiful angels, Emelie, and i LOVE the cardboard distressing technique! Isn't it so neat that we can share with people from all over the world, and share inspiration with so many. You've inspired me here. Thank you for sharing yourself, and your art!

Diane said...

Emelie! Both of these-exquisite! When you take everything that you're able to take in from other artists--the possibilites are endless, and now you've added your own touch--perfect! Isn't it fun?!

Gloria said...

Hi Emelie. I think that is great that we can learn from one another. we all have our own styles and learning from fellow artist bloggers is invigorating. Great job you've done there. I like the softness of it. Have a great Friday and weekend. Take care.