Thursday, November 11, 2010

What is on Your Mind?

The Veterans are on my mind today as I go about the business of the day, listening to old war songs, songs of pain and loss, strength to overcome. Battle hymns and some silly songs like the Battle of New Orleans, Patriotic songs that swell in your breast as the music becomes dramatic.

Of course I have art on my mind also, I want some paintings around the house framed and on the wall for the holidays and winter. The best is not always what I do when I have a goal like this, it is uplifting to have a painting I did and the thought "I don't Know How I Did That" comes to mind when I look at it, that painting is usually on some little scrap of paper that doesn't have a plan.

These photos are not sharp, the painting is too big to scan and my photo taking is as inconsistant as the paintings can be. It is strange to me that the setting on the camera one would use for taking a photo of a pet turned out the best and of course no flash and a setting for close up. Can you believe I even know how to find all these settings? Even more important after the setting is set for Ok I can get out of the setting and back to a start over mode on the camera. Even more amazing I might remember it in a few days.

Also I have added some sketches, I have made a folder to keep them in and have stapled some together because they get lost in mail, or all the stuff one has in the art room for collage and mixed media work. You can see which one I used for this painting. So on with the day and more thoughts.


Diane said...

Beautiful--I love these sketches!

wanda miller said...

oh sweet can leave as long a message as you ever want on my blog any ol' time.. i ALWAYS, ALWAYS love what you have to say...and since we can't sit with one another and chat, it's the closest we'll get. you make me laugh, you make me think, you warm my heart. these are all beautiful go girl. xoxo