Sunday, November 14, 2010

Always Inspired

This time I am inspired by Zorana I really needed some colorful paited birds by me for
artwork, Sorana inspired me to do this. Also to make some small cards to slip into greetings this Cbristmas. And Make some bookmarks for my reading friends, and those I coffee with on Wednesdays. And also for the domino pendants I have started, all can be mixed and worked with on computer. Friends often frame the little things I send.

I hae posted the birds, some of the cards, and the sheet that has been altered a great deal. I am sort of thrilled with the birds as I can resize them and change their color for collage.

You will enjoy Zorana's blog open and useful, don't forget beautiful, and videos you can watch. With the 6 inch snow fall this weekend she gave me plenty to do.


Theresa said...

Em - I was looking at Zorana's site earlier too:) Love how your pieces came out! Very creative! Looks like you accomplished lots on your snow day(s).

Diane said...

Oh my--I'm not ready for snow yet!! I should be though--we get enough of it around here. Zorana is a blessing to us bloggers--I'm so glad I discovered her. And look how she inspired you--what great little gifts for your friends and family--My favorite gift always--something from the heart.

Jeanne Nelson said...

What beautiful cards and gifts these will make. Your birdies are simply amazing. And 6" of SNOW, already ~~ I can't imagine! I'm glad you created more pretties during the down time. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead!

wanda miller said...

oh emelie, i await your arriaval (sounds like and old time novel, with that wonderful name of yours) i'll have all our supplies set up, but you can pick out whatever you fancy to put in your work.
when i have a little more time i will tell you about fabric can't buy, you get to make's true and worthwhile labor of love...
as for your birds, yummy and what great ideas to stick little cards you've made in the envelopes, i shall do likewise...there is something that is so great about sharing ideas on our blogs as well as getting to know someone, that you hope to meet in person some day...and in the mean time, there is blogging with you. happy happy monday to must just be sparkling around there with your snow!
it's sunny today here and it's supposed to reach 78 degrees, week we have a fire burning constantly and the next we're grabbing our flip flops and tees!
love to you, wanda

Gloria said...

Looks like you are going to be busy making all kinds of goodies Emelie. She gave you some great hints and I thank youf for sharing them. Love the way they came out. Have a great Tuesday.