Monday, November 15, 2010

This Journal Thing

it has sort of bitten me, and I sometimes do a misc. page or a face, I do the misc. page when the little scrap pile gets quite big next to me then I think use some of that up. Actually what happens is I cut more and it is bigger when I am done with the journal than it was before. It is just part of collage.

The other day I was looking at ancient art, mostly for the jewels, and pretty soon I was doing this face. and it does have some writing on it and some sort of really faded that you can't see.

Tonight I decided I didn't really like it that much, but in a journal you don't have to love every page. Tonight I layered some photos into the painting, degital work, a design from a book and a garden photo of orange lilies. this worked pretty well.
It feels like a rescue, and I will add this to the journal also.


audrey said...

I think this is beautiful. I love Egyptian things and I find this to be Egyptian looking. The color and the texture give it an aged appearance ~ looks like something you would find in an ancient tomb. Very nice, Emelie!
♥ audrey

Jeanne Nelson said...

She is beautiful, with all her layers and wonderful colors. I love how you're able to alter your work digitally. So happy to hear you're enjoying your journal! Happy Day, Ms. Emelie!

Diane said...

Oh just wonderful!

Gloria said...

It's beautiful Emilie. I learn from you every day. Sometimes I feel as though I existed during the Egyptian days. When I watch documentaries about those days, I am just mesmerized about how they lived. I love your journal work, awesome. Have a great rest of the week.

Nelda Ream said...

Love the beautiful, soft colors in this. You're inspiring me to get to work in my own journal.

Rebecca Anthony said...

She's gorgeous in each image, I love that you are creating in your journal. I agree it's a bug that bites and it's just so much fun!!