Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Real Papers

What I posted yesterday was not right, they are headers that I prepare and use on my blog, These are the papers created from my floral paintings, lace curtain and fabric.
I don't use the whole piece I cut apart and use as I see fit. One of the ways to get a transparent effect in collage. Another way to get layers is scan your background into the computer then put lace or crochet on top of it and scan it again, this way the holes in the lace or crochet will be the same color as the backgrond when you use portions of the paper in your collage. You can do them seperate also and layer them in your photo program.


Diane said...

Love this idea Emelie--thanks!!

Jeanne Nelson said...

Me no comprehende all the scanning and photoshopping, but these are GORGEOUS, Emelie!!!

wanda miller said...

Love your new heading and ALL the others on your previous post. And everything else there as well!
These 2 are exquisite, did you paint the flowers? They would make gorgeous cards too emelie...so very FINE art! xo