Thursday, November 18, 2010

November, I like it OK

You have to search for color now, and if you paint you can enhance it as you choose.
We have fog in November and December and when it lifts it can be beautiful outside.
Water turns dark like the sky, the contrast of snow patches give paintings some sparkle.

Sometimes I feel bad that I don't do as much of tis as I use to, so today I did some I will use them on Christmas cards also. The joke is I don't send that many cards, the supply of choices is growing. I will make some as gifts, I have lots of envelopes to include and they can send them as winter greetings of some sort. They look nice in a little stack tied with a ribbon. One can make a packet with paper, co a collage to attatch to the outside of the packet. I have several packages of those little colored brads that you poke through paper and bend the back to fasten the packet together. BTW, this is sounding like a lot of time and work, the mental image has appeal tho.


Judy said...

Emelie, I LOVE your watercolors!! There is just so much depth in your pictures. And, I feel the cool breeze, the crisp, frozen ground, and *feel* what I feel when I'm out in surroundings like these. Thanks!!

Gloria said...

Wow Emilie! I'd sure like to be able to paint scenery such as this, but alas I've never been able to. I love you cards. Someone will be very happy. Excellent! Have a great weekend.

wanda miller said...

this is your physician here, letting you know that you are doing all the right things...hahahahaha. and you made me laugh as well and i feel the same when you leave your comments!
These are just the prettiest watercolors ever! so serene and wonderfully icy...your multi-talents are SHOWING, and your thoughts are so loved by us all, SWEET EM! xoxo

Anonymous said...

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