Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Working With an Old Geography Book

last summer I bought this old geography book for a dime, it was really in bad shape and a lot of pages tore, or partially torn out especially the maps. The thing I liked about it was the artwork in the book, ink drawings of commerce, industry,, farming, done in a collage sort of way and I knew I wanted to use them in collage also. I wanted a rather prim looking woman in this painting, one reason is the ink drawing is of people harvesting peaches by hand. People probably still do.

This painting is in my journal of faces, maybe you can see in the scan a corner that got turned up, a little glue will take care of that.

Days a beautiful and I am nearly done with outside garden cleanup, I did windows today, I don't do windows well, they never sparkle, but the dirt has been arranged in an artistic manner and it looks different then it did. I do blame the glass, as years ago I didn't have trouble cleaning windows. It is good to have a place to put blame, especially if it doesn't hurt anyone.


Gloria said...

Oh wow. What a great idea. I have so many old books. I have a lot of music books, old ones and I don't use them any more and haven't for years and years. I think I will pull one out and study it. Thanks for the idea and your lady is just beautiful and goes well with the pickers. I like that you left them as is. Great job.

Diane said...

I agree with Gloria--that image is wonderful and it should be seen. You know, reading this, reminded me that I have an old geography book too. (they don't even have that subject in school anymore!) I'm so glad that you did this to remind me--I completely forgot about it and I bought it for this very reason!

Jeanne Nelson said...

You've created another beautiful piece, Emelie, and I love that you used the ink drawing just as it was. I, too, do not enjoy doing windows, and I giggled when you said the "dirt is now arranged in an artful manner" ~~ again, you've made me smile, and look at things in a new light. Wishing you a beautiful week!

Sharon said...

Very nice journal page. She does look prim and very pretty.
You always have a wonderful way of saying what is on your mind and I like that about you. Thank you for saying things on my blog.
ps: the dirt on my windows needs artful rearrangement.

Laura said...

Delightful piece Emelie! Love the flowers that you did as well as the lady and collage. Ah windows...don't get me started. We have some that are too high to reach and some that are too low to reach. (Can't kneel anymore)What's a person to do? Get Himself on it without too much nagging whenever the mood, temperature, planet alignment, and lull in the television are just right!