Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Magazine Page

I am a watercolorist before mixed media,and have always been facinated by paint that runs and creates abstract looking accidental and sometimes on purpose watermarks that are nothing more that splotches where water sits and makes paint move to the edge of the water spash. In these spashes the center fades and the edge grabs all the paint. You see marks like this on walls and ceilings sometimes, it is the same
reaction to the water.

I had a magazine picture on my table and sprayed water hit it and I got a lot of
action from the ink. The photo was a print out from my printer, it was not the original page. Then I made another copy of the photo and sprayed it with some purpose. It only works from my printer copies. People do tis with magazines and use a product called Citrasolv, they use National Geographic magazine. You can go to the Citrasolv web site and see the product and the gallery of work.

This work is also altered with background fabric and a photo from the garden. There is a photo here of how it looked before I did so many alterings.

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wanda miller said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE every single one of these, em...Great experimentation! xo