Saturday, October 16, 2010

October Spirit

I have a lot of energy in October, I think all the colors of the area are a stimulation, except I like November also because I really like the blue gray colors, the naked earth is the feeling. the pines sound different, and the corn that is left in the filds shivers in a rattle. I am getting of track it is October, read once and the writer said it is the season when people wear the colors of dead grass, dead grass has a lot of beautiful colors.

I like painting faces so much I did a pumpkin and will most likely do another,also there is a journal page minus the pumpkin, in the altering of things the writing is now backwards.


Gloria said...

I like the colors you used. Very nice work Emelie. Have a great Sunday.

wanda miller said...

First, i am ever so grateful for all your visits, em. i love that you say how my work makes you FEEL...that's what we're all about, eh? whether it's somber or frivilous!
Second..i am just loving these new pieces of yours...the top: i didn't know that was a pumkin at first, i just fell in love with the feel of the entire piece.
then the 2nd one: your pumpkin is to die for..i am thrilled at what you've captured here...such depth, yet humor & so halloweenish, but a painting i would be proud to have hanging all year round!!
Third: i am in love with your face and the colors are so so...well, outstanding combination! you have triggered me to attempt a pumpkin face...hmmm, we'll see!
WONDERFUL new work, emelie. xo

Laura said...

Ab-so-lute-ly luv Mr. Pumpkin!!! You've used your energy to good use, Emelie. He makes me smile. See, this is me smiling!!

Nelda Ream said...

LOVE your pumpkin faces!