Friday, October 22, 2010

Journal Work

These pages have been cropped to some extent. Also you may wonder what oating is..
it was floating, what happened was....on the oposite page I had glued some leaves with Matte Medium and also given the leaves a coat of the medium. The next day I was ironing my pages, and all the medium on the leaf came off on the other page in a leaf shape that is quite vague. This leaf also had blue paint on it. I am thinking will this work as a plan, intentional sort of process. The paint on the leaf was not consistant it had pooled and dried, so the result was rather spotty, also the paint was under the matte medium not on top. The effort in the journaling is to work on a more simple background and to have the faces look a little different. Plus some words that may speak of the day.

One can float through the day on the pretense of accompishment with out a real valid one. Hardly takes any skill.


Gloria said...

I think that's what I did today. Floated through the day pretending like I was accomplishing and didn't really accomphish anything. Sad isn't it? Tomorrow I will strike something off my list. Nice work.

Diane said...

Sometimes I float through the day too, but I think that's a good thing--we all need to float sometimes!! I like the way you journal :)