Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Summer's Last

There will be several of Summer's last and Autumn's Last brcause this isn't really the last. LAST has stages, first, second, and third last. By the time I am done with last you may say "At Last". Actually this Kale in the garden with some dill and other plants was last a couple years ago.

Also for some reason I have taken photos of bouquets that are in their last stages of beuaty. Wilted colors are sometimes beautiful also. I now have to go take coverings off plants I want to last longer, and do more clean up of garden, it is quite overwhelming as there is so much to cut off or pull out. In the beginnings of this work you can't even tell of have removed cart loads. I want to paint and I want to do some metal artwork, Also things are a bit messy around the house. We all know tho the artwork will last and the housekeeping doesn't.


Emelie said...

Just doing a test for myself I was having trouble posting this morning.

wanda miller said...

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL...and always that humor...the "last" has more than one last...LOVE that, you emelie, you!