Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Decided, Art Journal Time

You know it, I know it I want an art journal and I want it now, I want one done
and a good cover or at least acceptable to me. I don't want it terrible personal, I want it laying around on a table and if people want to pick it up they can and I don't care of they read the words, I can make one later for mad days. I hope to not be made before I can get one done, or even sad, that is my plan. :>) We all know about that don't we, how life comes along and gives us a jab, and I think in this journal I will talk to myself about acceptance. it is Ok to be angry, even say that we are, and why, but the occasional person does not have to see that, especially when weeks later it might be hard for the journalist to remember just why, like a worry can linger, or it can vanish, it is pleasant when things get a good coat of vanish and shine again.

I will be diligent, faithful to completion, practice discipline, because if you say I am going to be disciplined and then one day you say this is just for me is doesn't matter, that might be when it means the most. This journal will have 28 pages of art and the cover last. I paint nearly everyday so why not put effort the effort into this? I don't trust myself.


Effy said...

You can do it! :) I love art journaling *so much*. It's my therapy, my me time, and meditation all in one.

Jeanne Nelson said...

Oh, Emelie, I can't WAIT for you to get going with a journal! I hope you will enjoy it, and find as much peace through it, as I have. I, too, like sharing my journal with anyone whom desires to view it, and can understand your concern about where journaling will take you. But, it's all okay! If you do, or write, something you don't want others to see ~~ just slap some paint over it and voila, it will be "invisible" ... except to you, whom will know what the layers hold, ;). Sometimes it's nice to have things hidden in the layers, as a reminder to oneself that better days have/will come, and to appreciate those better days even more, having recalled a not-so-good day. Oh, I hope you'll enjoy art journaling!

Gloria said...

Have fun with your journal. It's good to voice your thoughts on papers. Enjoy.

Diane said...

Good for your Emelie--my goal for next year. And Jeanne is right--write down your feelings at the moment ant then cover them up with your art. No on will know that they're there--they can just enjoy your art. Plus it's a great way to try out new techniques, and recording them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emelie,
Thank you for all of your visits, I finally had time to come visit you!
Journaling is fun and so therapuetic.
YOu can always cover your feelings up with some brushes if you want to share online! lol