Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things Tossed and Other

Going through some things in a saved file that I thought were awful, and they sort of are, but I have had a day of things that aren't quite perfect. I bought one napkin ring that had a heavy gold star on it, and a piece of rather junky pottery becaue if the color swirls, pink green and blue that went with a doily that was sort of old and not quite right and not finished. I sort of like odd things and have them around.

Anyway this photo I took is very poor, but in an abstract way I like it, and also this witch is not what I hoped for, but I did my October banner from it. The computer can fix things up in an artful way, bless it's liitle hard drive heart.

Then this photo that is Ok and was suppose to be posted yesterday but I couldn't find it in the saved file, because I had spelled Oct. wrong and it was under Ict.

So there is not coordination to this post, it is like being served leftovers, some of the stuff looks sort of funny and there isn't enough of the good stuff. Also I forgot to make a note of the order to post.


Jeanne Nelson said...

Emelie, I enjoyed your "leftovers." The colors used in your witch piece, I love, and the leaf imprints add great texture and interest. Finally, I wish my little hard drive's heart could download your ability to work with it to fix artful things. I've yet to learn how to use my graphics program. Wishing you lots of peacefulness today and always. Hugs ~~ Jeanne

Judy said...

There's nothing wrong with "leftovers"!!! Sometimes, leftovers can be even better!

Your creativity enhances my life. I thank you, Emelie!!

wanda miller said...

i sooo love all the things around your witchy poo and her hat is to die for...that is the part i love about our paintings, we get to put WHATEVER we want in them, love it and your witch looks like she's on her way to do nothing but GOOD, she's a sweet witch!! xo