Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Modern Day Coyote

This title has nothing to do with anything, except the words keep me from haveing a consistant thought. When you hear a coyote yipping you get images of cowboys around a campfire or one of them sitting guard in a night of watchfulness. Last night one was yipping and I think he was sitting on a farm field road and surrounded by corn, hay, and soybeans, and perhaps that is why he sounded sad as the coyote knew there were no cowboys listening to his call. What made me start this thinking was I heard a song on the radio about a modern day romance which was country western music and the thoughts all slipped together.

A complete turn of subject which also indicates scattered thoughts this morning these are photos around our area, and an altered photo of the fern. My art journaling has been about quiet and silence the last few days and those postings are yet to come. Autumn is so abundant with sights that I have to post the beauty while it feels so right.

The photo of the stream which is a little over pixeled reminds me of papers prepared for more subjects when I am painting.


Jeanne Nelson said...

Your photos show some beautiful scenery, with such vivid colors of fall, They give me the desire to walk through them, and feel the coolness of the surrounding air, and watch the leaves fall, as the sun sets . . . on the coyote, :). I'm happy to hear another soul whom has moments of wondering thoughts that normally would make no sense to others; sometimes these moments can lead to some interesting places filled with inspiration. Again, I've found peaceful pleasure while visiting your "front porch," Emelie. Wishing you much peaceful pleasures today and always. Cyber Hugs!

Diane said...

Emelie, these are beautiful photos--thank you for reminding me to stop and smell the roses!

Nelda Ream said...

These are such beautiful photos, Emelie! I LOVE Fall colors and miss them so much living here in Florida. Thank you for sharing them with us.