Sunday, October 24, 2010

So Garish

This started out to be a Folk Art piece of work, instead I believe she is ready for the masquerade, which is Ok as this is a journal page but, it cannot come with talk of quiet. I did some rather quiet pieces with my photos and paintings this weekend to use as cards. There is always tomorrow to be more quiet, and more of what I want. So much to learn, and the blogs you see to the right offer so much. great things to see and information you can use.

So garish and quiet is what I will post, I like the cards where I used desaturation techniques removing color. They also go in a journal of altered photos and art. The face with the thin lips and the cone flowers is my favorite. Continue to be brave with your art and so will I.


Diane said...

Oh yes, that one is my favorite too--I love how you experiment!

Sharon said...

Just wanted to say you achieved most beautiful skin tones in the top face. It is clear and soft color very beautiful.

Effy said...

These are so lovely. Brave! Yes! I'm really loving the fruits of my bravery lately. <3