Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So Orange

So much orange today, and a bit of blue. I painted another pumpkin and the warts are not done the best but then it is a pumpkin and it doesn't matter really that much. There are mums blooming and so pretty inside and outside. I bring in bunches, and tiny pink roses, can't resist. While dong garden clean up I have to bring in flowers when I take a break, then paint a bit because it is calling. This is the days results minus a photo of the garden. Garden cleanup is rather mindless work it give one time to do a lot of thinking, meditation sort of but, I believe one should sit quietly for meditation. Very hard to sit quietly.

I am sure you recognize one pumpkin photo is a digital alteration, I didn't change the pumpkin at all but notice he looks happier in the mums.


Diane said...

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness--how much do I LOVE this pumpkin!! (haven't they come along way since we were kids?) And those gorgeous, gorgeous blooms!!--what a delight!

Jeanne Nelson said...

Such beautiful flowers and "punkins," Emelie. I always get a warm feeling when I visit you. Wishing you a warm fuzzy day of total bliss!

Laura said...

Lovely flowers, nice pumpkin, Emelie. Our garden is way over already...too much drought. So my inner thinking is coming while destashing and cleaning/clearing the studio and all the hundreds of books I've accumulated over the years. It feels good as each boxful leaves the house! Seems right for the season somehow.