Thursday, October 7, 2010

A journal page, maybe other

I say maybe other because all those programs are acting really strange today, my Print shop and my image editor. You know what that means, something big maybe is about to fail. So I am not sure if the images I want topost will be there, as it has not been consistant tonight when I get the image editor pulled up for somethings they are there and for some not.

All my pumpkins might be a little small as I was tired of fooling around with these photos and scans. It can get to be hours when things don't go just right. Then I was trying to watch a tv show and also listen to a ball game. You think I might be trying to do too much at once?

I hate to go to bed when the computer is mad. Not admitting I could also be a little ticked off. How did the thing get to be so important?

It was a lovely fall day and there are some flowers left, and the bread turned out.


Gloria said...

The bread looks delish Emilie and your work is awesome. Everything is so colorful. I love it. Thx for sharng.

Anonymous said...

Very cool, and yes colors are awesome..
Thank you for sharing your life with us.
Hugs, Darlene

Jeanne Nelson said...

Oh, how I feel your frustration with the computer, (and/or software), being angry ~~ and yes, how did these "electronic boxes" become so important to us? I've been doing alot of reflecting, or comparison of days gone by compared to today, mostly thinking of how the economy has effected so many aspects of life today, but how computers have effected our lives too ... and television shows. Our ancestors would be amazed, and probably ashamed of us on some level, if they could see some of the things we do today. They used to wait WEEKS for a return response in the mail, while we demand intant replies via computer, for example. And some of the things we watch of tv, with such violence, and then quietly go to bed like it was nothing ~~ years ago we would not have been so "numb" to such scenes.

K, I'll get off my current soapbox of thoughts, and respond to your art, ;). What a pretty journal page, Emelie! Your girl has struck an attitude, and it calls me in to ponder what her secret is. I hope you had fun creating this spread; it's very nice. As for your bread ~~ yummm; I'm wishing I could taste it, ;). Did you grow all those 'punkins?' They say "fall" to me!

Wishing you computer wellness, and you a happy weekend filled with all the things you love most.