Thursday, October 14, 2010

Careful, Carelessness

These paintings are rather careless and I was careful to be careless. They will never be on display, :) or rather they will never be for sale. Sometime this journal may end up on an auction and people will wonder what I was trying to say.
This journal is a lot about silence, so maybe after examination by someone it will not say much. They may say..she was such an odd woman and that is Ok I don't mind at all.

These are two of the journal pages, painted, and things added with no real plan, as if I ever really have one. I was careful to be careless.


Gloria said...

To tell the truth, I never have a plan or action or idea of what I will be putting in my journal. I have a brand new moleskine journal and I will start using that in January. Nice job.

KarenKayArtWorks said...

Hi Emelie! Well, if this is you being careless, I would say be this way all the time. I love these girls! I know what you mean though, I am often too careful, too planning and it stifles my art sometimes. I am trying to just let go.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and yes, I do believe you. It's funny how the very person you were thinking of you run into at the store that day or someone makes a blog comment on something you had just read about and things like that. Little coincidences. But be sure and read up about GMOs as they are really bad for you- avoid them at all cost.

Keep on makin' art girl and I'll keep reading your wonderful blog.

Judy said...

Emelie: I like both, how your mind works, and your hands!

I think I'd have more fun IF I were more careless!!!

Always, I enjoy your thoughts and art!