Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Bolder Rabbit

Back to painting, can the bin of compositions be getting empty? Sometimes one thinks I can't think of anything different, and themes sort of take over, like this rabbit who is showing up in my work lately. Then there are backgrounds trying to be more creative and have things take a different look. Then there is trying to stay original which isn't so hard, because I paint a lot it seems to come out as me.

A good friend's daughter recently lost a dearly loved pet rabbit, so I have one more
rabbit painting I am working on, have had the beginnings going quite a while, and keep changing it before I do too much and make changing really difficult. This one I did with a May Basket idea but then it also changed. There is acrylic paint, stencils, colored pencil, napkins, in this work, a painting with collage.

With so many things to be focused about right now it is hard to focus, should be doing and the I want to be doing, and not to forget I have to be doing all get
jumbled. Spring is always like this, and because spring came so early to the North this year, some of the have to be doing doesn't even have to be done yet.


Laura said...

Your rabbit is wonderful Emelie! You have captured the very rabbitness of him! We used to have a big ole rabbit just like him when I was a teen. Boy was he something. Made a funny noise and chased the broom and the dog!

I'm really loving your color palette. It seems so fresh and bright.

I haven't been round as I have not been reading blogs during my self imposed hiatus. But I'm baaaack!!!

wanda miller said... what laura said about their rabbit! and emelie, i love this rabbit and that you dressed her, too too wonderful. the entire piece is so you! so whimsical (my favorite) and wonderful, colors, EVERYTHING!
AND i know what you mean about spring and laughed out loud at what you said about the "DOINGS"...just couldn't be truer to me, even the rain still keeps coming down here. you'll find me out behind our house building a boat, if care to join me! ha! xoxo

Diane said...

Emelie, I love, love, love your rabbit--love her outfit too, or is it a him? This is just a wonderful, creative piece!

Star said...

boy! what's not to love in this one? I love those shades of green, the rabbit/hare is wonderfully whimsical and your gal is too!!