Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Painting, and talk and more

What I did was upload photos first, It sort of froze up before and would not respond so I tried uploading first before I typed.

The photo of the two girls with the nest is my daughters second painting, Angie sent me her work today and I thought it so charming and the side faces were done nicely I thought.

Mine is sort of typical, except I put effort into more transparency with the butterfly, worked with very hard eraser, next time I will use watercolor and lift color and that will work better I think. Working on layering and more transparency.

The quilt show was good and fun and also exciting. I could of talked longer, then I sort of remembered all the other things to do. Others had to talk. As with things some people very interested in that type of quilt, people who are sort of in a hurry like me. It is a good thing we are not all alike. Isn't that why we visit other blogs to see how other people think. It enhances our lives to see. I so appreciate the work others do. It is expanded education of sorts.


Diane said...

These are both wonderful--your daughter has talent--I hope she continues. It sounds like all went well too! I love to get together with people who are all there for the same reason, and you learn from each other.

wanda miller said...

tell your daughter i think there is something extremely special about what her painting evokes in feelings and emotions, very pretty!
and you, emelie, i love this..i especially like the birds and how they are perched.
and then to answer one question you asked me a while back " do i drive and think about what art projects i might do"...yes but you were so funny about almost getting in an accident. i hope some day, maybe in heaven, we will have the chance to sit together, drinking tea, or your pleasure and just talk and talk and laugh and laugh..i can imagine this!
also, got my book about sylvia's farm and will start it fairly soon as i am already reading 4 different books right now! thanks so much for the recommendation and visiting our blue birds with your witty wonderful words. xo