Saturday, April 17, 2010

Misc. photos

Today's photos, a day outside, I really have some scrubby looking roses this spring I hope the pruning and feeding will give them inspiration to put forth new growth.
The weeds are highly inspired. And I have started the buying of plants, pansies and mums, mums so they hae a chance to really grow before late summer and fall.

Hope you can see the angel in the wear to the old silo, and the board with the diamond shape reminded me of a collage. The light hitting the blue on the counter looked pretty and the rest what is blooming.

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wanda miller said...

thank you for the textures and all the pretty flowers and settings! happy happy colors spring brings, eh?
i still can't find the 3 birds you see at the bottom of my collage, any more hints that i might see them.
i did find one in looking though, thanks to you up on the left in the horizon and might outline it to show in the painting!