Friday, April 9, 2010

Digging around in the Barrel

My scanner is down, probably done, I don't have time in the next few days to get a new one. I will post anyway, try using the camera, I have somethings I can post.

This painting is sort of at the barrel bottom, not old tho, just that crooked building, I could of shaped it up but that is when the scanner died, in working with this. It is the lamp. She is rather a Spring Queen and the doily in her eye is no accident. You can surmise the reason. The doily by the church looks like parked bikes.

I did like the backgound a lot, and I know I have seen this woman before in my paintings she shows up every now and then.

Thanks for coming by, and I enjoy seeing what you all have been doing.


wanda miller said...

...well, i've never seen HER before, or if i did i missed a "beauty" those parted lips and all the rest of this collage, emelie!
i dig how you put those arrows in there!!! clever!!! xo wanda

Star said...

Sorry your scanner went to heck! It's always something with computers and related items.
I like this picture....the colors are very pleasing and I like the leaning church. It does look like bicycles in front of the church!