Monday, April 19, 2010

Stress Quilts

Stress quilts, I have a lot of them, tiny 4X4 some smaller made on felt, I make them when feeling stressed and can't think how to compose a painting or can't do much of anything, especially in the winter. In summer I can go outside and do things that help. However, I did these because I was moved to do blue and rather dark blue. Blue isn't my favorite color but it strikes me more than other colors and gets my attention quickly. Not a blue mood either. Just a mood and an inspirtaion of tiny bits I have saved in a box, and a lining of a jean jacket.


Diane said...

I wish I could do this--I love these!

Judy said...

These are really nice! I wish I could put my moods to better use!!!!! lol.... I found the size amazing, as you have so much in them! Especially the bottom one, I would have thought that to be much bigger! You have it so well planned out!!

Star said...

Those small quilts are an excellent way to chase away stress! I like the blue colors and all the bits and pieces.'s a funny thing for sure. I haven't accomplished much in the last week or so. Not that I don't have art things I want to do; it's deciding WHAT I really want to do and not worry about or think I should be doing something else while I'm doing it. LOL! Winter is easier because you're stuck in the house and can only do inside stuff and not quite as much time spent watching birdies and such out the windows. But in Spring/Summer, there's yard & flower duties, sun basking on the deck just watching the birds play, doing easy art or just reading and a tiny doggy who wants to be outside pursuing chipmunks and sun bathing but can't be outside alone (too many Eagles and Hawks looking for a snack!)
Speaking of yards and flowers, the flowers are really coming up now. I know it sounds funny but they're coming up too soon and already some are frost bit; I don't even have all the leaves raked off yet. It's been either too cold or too windy but looks like maybe today it can get done. I don't suppose some fairies are going to show up and do it for me! LOL!
Hope you have a good day!

Sharon said...

I raally like this idea of Stress quilts. And I hold my fingers apart visualizing the 4 inches. I would want to do all this stitching by hand, in a comfy chair, in front of the TV. And I might do that. I just watched Teesha Moore's videos on little quilties that she puts together into art journal covers. Hers are made totally different but at the same time yours would work the same.