Saturday, April 24, 2010

My garden

In the fall when I plant bulbs I always think I will remember the new ones in the spring, I don't, I don't even remember if it was more tulips than daffodils I planted, in the spring is doesn't really matter because I am so glad to have green and flowers. I sort of wonder why I do this to the extent I do, gardening takes a lot of time and energy. I do it a lot for the look out the window, flowers for inside, and the exercise. Now I can't keep flowers on the kitchen table as Hermie, my cat gets up there and takes them all out of the vase. Silly of me not to have more discipline for my cat.

I brightened some of these a bit as it was quite dark outside, we did get a bit of rain. It usually looks like this about sunset time.


Sharon said...

I am so green for your beautiful gardens. And for your energy to have them so pretty. Mine are so pitiful.

Star said...

Wow! What pretty flower beds! You are way ahead of us. I see some tulips here and daffodils but that's about it. My cushion spurge is just turning green and starting to come up, the forsythia is just finishing up but didn't bloom much because I cut it way back late in the Fall. I see the hosta shoots poking up this week. I need to spray before the deer find them! Other than that everything is putting up leaves and the weeds are growing fast as usual. I still don't have the leaves off everything! Today we had our FIRST measurable rain! Not heavy, just a light steady rain since late afternoon. I bet the flowers grew 2 inches or more with that tad of rain!
The poppies are getting pretty big and I can tell when we'll get a storm with high wind and soon as the poppies bloom before they're open for 3 days, a major storm will come and blow them all apart! Really, it never ever fails. Last year was the longest at 3 days! LOL! Don't know why I keep them.
But anyway, I love your colorful beds and pathway!!! When I was younger, I thought you just planted a bunch of flowers and they pretty much just grew every year by them selves. I had no idea of the work involved!

Judy said...

Beatuiful, Emelie.. just beautiful! I can SEE why you garden!!! Thanks for sharing your gardens with us!

wanda miller said...

what a delightful, rewarding view and especially a walk with you through your labor of love. thank you, emelie for sharing these special parts of you! so BEAUTIFUL! xo wanda

revchantilly said...

You don't like petals, foliage, and water splotches all over the kitchen table? That chubby tabby gets into an awful lot of mischief.