Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mom and Daughter painting

Our daughter Angela is here today, I asked her if she would like to paint a face, so we did, this is her first face. A good job I think. For a first time there wasn't much fussing or adjusting. Hers is the one with the warm tones.

We sat down to paint together but went in different directions, I am not quite done with this, eye adjustment, maybe not, other things and maybe not also. For some reason this looks like the same person I painted a while back and down a few posts.
Funny how that happens.

A lovely warm Easter for our area, birds, flowers, working the earth, doors open.
We even had potatoe salad which is a summer thing and chicken fried then roasted.
Cucumbers and strawberries it all seems summer.

Hope all of you that visit had things of great enjoyment in your day.


Sharon said...

Oh how absolutely fabulous that your daughter sat and painted with you. I would be jumping over the moon if mine would. Congratulations Angela on your first face. She is so good. And Emelie, yours looks familiar because you are recognizing your own style. I thought she looked familiar too. I love them both.

Diane said...

I agree with Sharon--if either one of my daughters would join me--that is just so awesome!! Our weather here yesterday was also beautiful--first Easter in a very long time to have such nice weather.

Star said...

I know you were hoping you and Angela could do some faces together. I'm so glad there was time to do them. I must say she has her Mom's talents and caught on quickly! It's very good for a 1st time! I can't imagine that my daughter would ever want to do any art with me; although maybe if we lived closer and I got to see her, then maybe.
Your Easter dinner sounded really good and nice; as you said, Summery!

PCarriker said...

How special to have a daughter to paint with! I'm fortunate to have a son who is very interested in art. It's amazing to see what they create!