Sunday, April 11, 2010

Painted Plate

This is a very large plate, 38 inches around and very shallow, it is wood and found at thrift. The inspiration is Diane
she does beautiful work on furniture and other found items.

I have not put a finish on this work yet as there is something that bothers me and it is not her eye, her eye is in a tiny groove and that is how it should be unless I sanded out the ripple. The thing that bothers me is on the left top there is a white shape that looks just like the white garden spiders I have in my own garden.
They are a hekpful insect, get quite large, and can be several colors denpending on the plant they are near or on. All compliments aside for this spider I am not sure I want it there. Thinking about what to do is not hard, just if it seems quite Ok for me viewing as the plate will be behind the kitchen range on the wall.

There is also the worry if the protective glaze is flammable and might be dangerous in this area. (Visions of disaster) It is the little things that get you sometimes.


wanda miller said...

ohhh! what a grand paint a wooden bowl...way to go! i just love it, the colors and the fun it evokes..what great inspiration for all of us, emelie!
i Did think of many of the things you mentioned on my blog to go further with the pulled paintings... i posted that to you, showing what i did later last night. i'll be posting the collage later...i ended up covering most of it up with paint...but like many of my collages, i know whats under there and always appreciate the surprise of what will show up and what won't, eh?!
thanks for some great inspiration, here today, emelie!

audrey said...

I think what you have done to this wooden plate is beautiful.
Happy Monday!
♥ audrey

Star said...

Good job on on this plate, Emelie! I like the blue tones.