Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring collage and Laura's News

A lovely spring day, such cool air from such dryness. Early spring flowers last.
If your a gardener, and an artist, and all the other things most of you are, your feeling spread a little thin, not to mention a job that also interferes with your
day. No time to paint so I did a collage of a book, garden flowers, and a bird.

Also Laura Pace has a giveaway which has a lot of interesting things to add to your collection go Laura's Giveaway

I also have a photo on the right of her Misc. fun stuff. and you can also click on Found Memories to the right. You will find her.


wanda miller said...

thank you emelie for your wonderful thoughts and words on my blog. i always treasure them as i do on your postings. i left you a little message there.
and i love this collage so much. it speaks to me. it looks like a pic from your own garden? i love that linear look and the simplicity and of course that wee bird, perfectly perched in your work. thank you for sharing of yourself, always! xo

Diane said...

What a wonderful collage, Emelie. And the weather here has been very Spring-like also--you just want to go out and enjoy it.

Laura said...

Thanks for joining in my 100th Almost Every Day Collage Celebration Emelie! And in such a big way too!! Don't forget to leave a comment on my blog so Tommie can maybe pull YOUR name out on 5-5! Oh, and I just added more goodies to the box!!

Judy said...

Emelie, you've captured the varied greens of spring! Your collage has a crispness, newness about it!