Thursday, April 8, 2010

Preparing a Door Prize

Next week I am a guest speaker, I have talked about this before. I will be a
Fabric, Fiber artist talking about quilts with a face in the compostion, using recycled materials, yarn, ribbon, stamping, and stencils. Really mixed media with fabric. About a 130 women come for dinner, show and speaker. I said 180 once but that is what I heard the first time I asked.

I prepared one of the door prizes, I made a bag with one of my paintings on it, filled the bag with bits and pieces that go with two other smaller paintings.
There is lace, fabric, ribbon, yarn. buttons, and some stenciled fabric, enough things to create an art quilt. I am sure they have things at home that can go into their work also. So the bag is nice and fat with things.

I spent the day making signs to put by my display of quilts, about 20. Making the bag and choosing things to go into it.


Star said...

What a busy busy lady you are! I think that's a great door prize you're giving. That's so great that you can prepare like you are and get up to speak to all those ladies. I'd be shaking in my boots and not a word would come out....maybe a nervous giggle! You definately ROCK!!!

Diane said...

I actually would love to do something like this (scared to death, but would still love it) and--excellent door prize!! I can see you as a wonderful speaker!!